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Anime Fury
Yu Yu Hakusho Shrine


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Well, welcome to my favorite part of the site.This page use to suck,now I am re-doing it.It will have great pics and wallpapers.My two favorite characters are Yusuke and Hiei.Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!WAIT!!!!!Kurama is awesome too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Come back every week!!!!You'll be suprised at how much this part has grown!!!Each gallery has ten pics at their actual size!!!!!!!!!!!MY PICS ARE UP UNDER THIS PIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GALLERY #3 HAS LOTS OF THUMBNAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is also the worst gallery!!!!!The first few pics are too small!!!One is a button!!!!While you are in gallery number three please download it!!!!!!Gallery number four is up!!!!!!!!!!!!I update almost every day!!!!See my Updates!!!!!!!More to come!!!!I'm currently writing a fic for Yu Yu Hakusho!!!Expect it to be done in early September!!!!!!(or late August!!!!It depends on school!!!!)I have also been stockpiling on Yu Yu Hakusho pics!!!!!!!!!!I have a huge folder containing about 100 images!!!!!!!!!THe next few galleries are coming!!!!!


Gallery #1


Gallery #3