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Anime Fury
YYH Sypnosis


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Spirit Gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 YYH is the story of Yusuke Urameshi,who is a punk,and loves beating the crap out of people.Then one day a little boy is about to become roadkill,and Yusuke steps in front of the car!!!!It kills Yusuke..........His spirit comes out of his body.Then he is met by the grim reaper.He refuses to die!!!!It turns out that the grim reaper is a girl named Botan!!!!!!He then meets Koemba ,leader of spirit world!!!!!He is a baby......Koemba gives Yusuke an egg,he explains that it feeds on spirit energy.If Yusuke has positive spirit energy it will hatch and guide him back to life,if it is negative energy it'll hatch and kill him!!!!!!He throws it into a fire to save Keiko(his sweetheart).All hope of living is lost or is it?No more spoilers........Watch Adult Swim to see what happens!!!!!!!!!!