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Why do people think DBZ is so stupid?


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 Why do people hate the best anime.......I really don't know.I mean when someone asks you what your favorite t.v. show is you say, Dragon Ball Z!!!!Then they start laughing at you, and tell you to grow up!!!It's like this,they wanted to know then I told them!!!!!!Then they'll go tell everybody that you like it!!!Some people keep it a secret that they love DBZ.Here is some advice!!!Don't keep it a secret!!!!!!!!!!!Let your DBZ love shine(I don't know why I wrote that....).People don't even give DBZ a chance!!!!!They just      assume that it is stupid!!!!!!! I don't like it  when people ''just assume''  it stinks!!!!!That ticks me off!!!!!!!!I am proud to say I LOVE DRAGONBALL Z !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Why do people hate it? .......... We will never,never know..........................